Trophy Hunting Policy

The following points are taken into consideration by the CBO for a successful hunt:

  1. Trophy sized males (26 inches and more horn size) are identified in the population by the VWW through a survey of the animals in the month of November. Trophy sized males are those individuals whose horns have reached full development. Such males have a dark brown body color and are almost completing their life cycle.
  2. Hunting Season is considered from 15th November 15 March.
  3. The hunter is allowed 15 days for trophy hunting within the hunting year. He is accompanied on his hunting trips by a VWW, who is entrusted with the responsibilities of guiding the hunter to the location where the animals are found; help them in spotting Urial and ensuring that the right sized animal is hunted.
  4. 80% of the trophy-hunting fee is utilized by the community while the remaining 20% is the share of Wildlife Department.
  5. The hunter is required to write two separate cheques, on in the name of Community (80% of the hunting permit fee) and the other in the name of Government (20% of the hunting permit fee).
  6. 60% of the income from trophy hunting fee is utilized by the CBO for the preservation, surveys and development of the wildlife and the community area and 40% for the administrative works as prioritized by the CBO.
  7. Lodging / boarding provisions to the hunters are arranged by the CBO. The hunter stays in the designated guesthouse by the CBO which is located in the CBO or a close by area where the hunt takes place.




The community game reserve has been maintained and managed exclusively for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. Propagation of wildlife in the area as game.
  2. Sport hunting.
  3. Recreation and
  4. Preservation of biodiversity


The following are prohibited in the CBO reserve:


  1. Hunting of a game animal without a special big game shooting permit issued by the Punjab Wildlife Department.
  2. Hunting of any “Protected Animals” or any other animals whose hunting is prohibited.
  3. Hunting of wild animals other than in accordance with the provision of the Act and the Rules made hereunder, especially with regards to hunting season and time, and kind of gun etc.
  4. Trapping of game animals in the community game reserve for any purpose what so ever except with the special permission and under supervision of the Punjab Wildlife Department.
  5. Hunt any wild animal by means of a set gun, drop spear, deadfall, fun trap, explosive projectile, Grenades, baited hook, snare or any other trap, any automatic weapon or a weapon of a caliber used by the Pakistan Army or Police.
  6. Hunt by means of projectile containing any chemical substance, likely to anesthetized, paralyze, stupefy or render incapable animal whether partly or totally.
  7. Use vehicle of any type to pursue any game animal, or to drive or stampede game animal for any purpose whatsoever.
  8. Hunt after sunset and before sunrise.
  9. Hunt by hiding near a water hole or salt licks.
  • No person can use hawks for hawking or dogs for coursing the game animals.
  • Any protected animal or game animal which is found dead or dying or which has been killed or caught otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of the Wildlife Act and any meat or trophy thereof shall be the property of the CBO.
  1. No person shall be in possession of any wild animal, dead or alive trophy or meat of a kind unless he is in possession of a certificate of lawful possession granted in respect thereof by the officer authorized in this behalf.
  • No person can:
    1. Transfer by gift sale or otherwise to any other person any animal, trophy or meat unless he is in possession of the certificate of lawful possession in respect thereof, and such certificate is endorsed with details of the transaction and given to the transferee at the time of transfer.
    2. Receive by gift, purchase or otherwise any animal, trophy or meat unless he receives at the same time a valid certificate of lawful possession in respect of thereof.

No person shall as a profession, trade or business, buy sell or otherwise deal in wild animals, trophies or meat thereof or process or manufacture goods or articles from such trophies or meat, unless he is in possession of a valid license, hereinafter called a dealer’s license, to do so, issued by an officer authorized in this behalf.