Reserve Management


General Objectives of Management

General management objectives for Padhri Private Game Reserve are listed below in descending order of priority:

  • Manage the area for sustainable-use hunting program in confirmation with the guidance of the Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department as laid out in the Punjab Wildlife (Private Game Reserves) Rules 2002.
  • Provide legal hunting opportunities to sportsmen.
  • Provide recreation opportunities to the general public through wildlife viewing.
  • Benefit the local communities by providing employment.


Specific Management Objectives

The specific management objectives, leading to fulfillment of general objectives have been grouped into seven categories of management activities that will be followed in pursuit of the objectives. These activities include:

  • Habitat Management (HAM)
  • Human Population Management (HPM)
  • Maintenance Management (MAM)
  • Assumption Administration (ADM)
  • Hunting Management (HM)
  • Research and Monitoring (RAM)
  • Overlap and interconnection occurs between the categories.


Specific Objectives

  • Loss and degradation of existing vegetation and biotic communities are halted; and the latter is being restored. (HPM)
  • Sustainable hunting of partridge population in the reserve is ensured. (APM, HM)
  • Population of partridge is regularly monitored and hunting quotas recommended.
  • Hunting is organized and trained guides are provided to accompany the hunters. (APM, HM)
  • The number of staff in service is being maintained at levels sufficient to implement all prescribed management and development programs. (ADM)
  • All staff members are appropriately trained and equipped to carry out the responsibilities of their posts, and aware of what is required of them. (ADM)
  • Provisions of the Forest Act and Wildlife Act relevant to the Reserve will be enforced by the watch and ward staff. (ADM)
  • All offenders of Wildlife law who are apprehended are dealt with, in accordance with due process of law. (ADM, HPM)
  • Reserve boundaries are clearly demarcated with a track negotiable by cross-country vehicle. (HPM, HAM)
  • Boundary patrols are organized and conducted so that every section is patrolled daily (ADM)
  • Reasonable rest house facilities are developed and maintained so that they are offering year-round accommodation for visitors that is attractive, hygienic and good value for money. (TRM, MAM)
  • Nature trails are developed and maintained for the enjoyment and education of visitors. (TRM, MAM)