Pheasant Extravaganza

As you already know this year its the Pheasent Season at Padhri Private Game Reserve. The shoots will start in the last week of October when the afternoons are cooler. All shoots will be conducted on Saturdays, hunters will arrive at the camp on Fridays and spend the night at the camp. Shoots will start at 9 am till 4 pm with a refreshment break. After an early dinner the hunters will leave for home or their next shooting destination as Sundays will be partridge shooting days in other areas. Each shoot will have a total of 6 shooters. Total of 150 birds will be released and they will be flushed with dogs. The whole shoot can be booked as a group shoot or hunters can buy slots out of the 6 slots available in every shoot. Price per hunter for the shoot is Rs 75,000/- Price of the group of 6 guns shoot is Rs 450,000/- This price includes charges for the shoot, lodging and all meals and refreshments. Book your slots now! IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT HUNTERS BRING THEIR OWN DOGS AND GUNS.

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