Mission Statement

To ensure the preservation and sustainable use of the wildlife especially the Punjab Urial in the area of Western Jhelum Urial Conservation & Trophy Hunting Committee District Jhelum.


  1. To maintain a healthy population of Urial in the area along with other wildlife species.
  2. To harvest the over-matured Urial under a well-monitored trophy hunting.
  3. To reduce the incidence of livestock predation by jackals and other wild animals and prevent the un-necessary killing of predators by the people.
  4. To promote the awareness among the local communities for the preservation and sustainable use of wildlife and their habitats.
  5. To exercise sustainable use of wildlife resources for the uplift of rural communities and preservation of resources through trophy hunting and Eco-tourism.
  6. To build confidence among the local residents and realize the concept of ownership regarding the natural resources of their area which is essentially a national heritage.




  1. Illegal hunting and poaching.
  2. Habitat degradation, including extension of the cultivated areas, over cutting of natural forests for growing needs of fuel wood and fodder.
  3. Population fragmentation and isolation due to habitat loss.
  4. Over-grazing of pastures and competition with the livestock.
  5. Communal conflicts among the local people / communities.
  6. Lack of awareness and education regarding wildlife preservation.