Management Strategies


Western Jhelum Urial Conservation & Trophy Hunting Committee District Jhelum manages the CBO with the technical assistance of Punjab Wildlife Department and support of the local community.


  1. The CBO coordinates and monitors implementation of the conversation plan.
  2. The CBO has appointed Village Wildlife Watchers (VWW) in the preservation area.
  3. The CBO through VWW ensures that the Provisions of Punjab Urial Conservation Protection & Trophy Hunting (Committees) Rules, 2010 with regards to the protection of the wildlife are effectively enforced.
  4. No person is allowed to carry firearm, ammunition, explosives, nets and snares in the preservation area, except the firearms carried by the VWWs or staff of Wildlife Department Punjab.
  1. The CBO is also responsible for: –
    • Supervision of duties of the VWWs.
    • Monitoring the progress of the preservation plan at the community level.
    • Formalizing and administering a CBO Fund (VCF) and ensuring that income from sustainable use of natural resources is used to pay the cost of the preservation along with some development works of the local community in proper proportion.


The Punjab Wildlife Department and other allied institutions / agencies will be requested o provide training to the nominees of the communities, as Village Wildlife Watchers (VWW). Terms of reference (TORs) for Village Wildlife Watchers are as under: –

The Village Wildlife Watchers (VWW) are paid from the CBO fund. They are responsible for the following services / activities in the preservation area:

  1. Monitor wildlife in the Western Jhelum Urial Conservation & Trophy Hunting Committee District Jhelum Area, record the following information on standard forms during the surveys of the animals.
    • The date, location, survey condition and total numbers of animals observed
    • Dead animals and cause of death known.
    • The estimated age, sex and horn length of the dead animals and types of habitat where they were found.
  1. Record the following information regarding predators on standard forms:
  • The date, location and number of predators’ signs observed by the VWW.
  • The date, location, number and type of livestock reportedly killed by predators.
  • Record any other wildlife information as directed by the CBO
  1. Assist the CBO in the monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Urial Preservation Plan for Western Jhelum Urial Conservation & Trophy Hunting Committee District Jhelum

  1. Help the CBO to organize watch & ward activities to:
    1. Protect wildlife from illegal hunting and report any such incident to the CBO and the local District Wildlife Officer.
    2. Advising on measures necessary to adequately protect wildlife from outside and local poachers.
    3. Advise on sustainable use of other natural resources.

  1. Help the CBO to organize and guide activities associated with:
  • Guiding and monitoring of trophy hunting by approved trophy hunters.
  • Regular wildlife surveys and utilization of forest resources.
  • Conducting Eco-tourism as a guide.



  1. The CBO has established a wildlife monitoring system with the assistance of the Punjab Wildlife Department and other allied agencies.
  2. The CBO ensures that any use of wildlife including trophy hunting is highly preservative and sustainable.
  3. The VWWs are responsible for monitoring population of key wildlife species and their habitats with the assistance of the Punjab Wildlife Department.
  4. At least one detailed survey of key wildlife species is conducted each year.

The observation of dead wildlife or any incident is reported to the CBO and local representatives of the Punjab Wildlife Department and are dealt with the provisions of the Punjab Wildlife Act, 1974.