About PPGR

Name and Legal Status

Padhri Private Game Reserve is proposed to be established as a Private Game reserve under Punjab Wildlife (Private Game Reserves) Rules 2002


Padhri Private Game reserve (PPGR) is located 45 KM south of the towns of Sohawa and Dina, Jhelum District, Punjab Province in Pakistan that forms the eastern to central part of the salt range. Padhial Valley is located towards the west south of the PPGR and area of Western Jhelum CBO is adjacent in the south of the PPGR. Total area of the Reserve is 2500 acres approximately.



  • Road access from DINA/SOHAWA from Domelli turning on the main GT Road and from CHOA SAIDEN SHAH via Padhial Road.
  • Rail access is from Domelli Railway Station.
  • Air access is from Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and Peshawar. PIA flights operate on daily basis.


The climate of the area is arid sub-tropical continental, characterized by low, sporadic rainfall, high temperature, low relative humidity and high rates of evaporation. There is no meteorological station at Padhri. Weather data (mean monthly temperature and mean monthly precipitation) were obtained from the Meteorological Department and weather station at Jhelum. Average annual rainfall and mean minimum and maximum temperature are 350mm and 11 and 33C respectively.