Black & Grey Partridge Shoot


Partridge Shoot

Charges & Bookings:

  • Rs 3000/Partridge
  • Minimum deposit Rs. 18,000/gun
  • A group of 3 to 4 are to apply.
  • The management may entertain 12 shooters a day in the reserve in 3 to 4 groups. 
  • A group shall not be made more than 3 to 4 shooters for legal and security reasons. 
  • For every extra helper, driver, beater, orderly 1500 Rupees will be charged for lodging and food.

What’s Included in the Package:

  • 1 night stay at the bush camp in the reserve
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Breakfast
  •  Refreshments
  •  Group Photograph
  • Lunch /Dinner

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Gratuities for the support staff, Guns & Ammunition, Dogs, Vehicles/Transport to the Bush Camp & Donations for Wildlife conservation fund are not included in the package. It’s at your will! Also bring your ice boxes, should you wish to take game with you.

Terms & Conditions:

Valid hunting and gun license is mandatory. 100 % advance will be deposited upon booking for the shoot. Incase of cancelation, 100% refund if notified 1 month before the shoot. 30% deduction shall be made if notified 3 weeks before the shoot, 50% deduction if notified 2 weeks before the shoot and 75% deduction if notified 1 week before the shoot.

Padhri Management reserve the right to accept or deny any admission and acceptance of requests for the shoot.